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Memory Validator Help

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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts


The following shortcuts are available:


 b_ctrl + b_a Select All


 b_ctrl + b_c Copy


 b_ctrl + b_o Open session


 b_ctrl + b_s Save session


 b_f1 Help (contextual for current view or dialog)

 b_f2 Wait for application


 b_f3 Inject into process


 b_f4 Start application (Native / .Net)


 b_shift +b_f4 Start application (.Net Core)


 b_f5 Restart application


 b_f6 Monitor a Service


 b_f7 Monitor IIS and ISAPI


 b_f8 Monitor IIS and ASP.Net


 b_f9 Monitor Web Development Server and ASP.Net


 b_ctrl + b_f4 Redisplay the previously chosen launch dialog.