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Memory Validator Help

The Memory Hotspot Settings dialog controls the type of data that is displayed on the Hotspot tab.






Types of memory to display


The following types of memory allocations can all be optionally displaying in the hotspots view.


CRT memory

Win32 heap

BSTR objects from SysAllocString function



Virtual memory

Custom memory allocations using the Custom Hooks functionality

User memory allocations using the API


FORTRAN memory

Delphi memory

COM objects


Only CRT Memory allocations are enabled by default.


note Note that these settings control what is displayed, not what is collected. The data collection settings may have more information about some of the settings above.



Level of detail displayed


You can choose the level of detail displayed in each entry on the hotspots view:


Address instructionStep displays the address as part of a hotspot entry

Module instructionStep shows the module load address

Path instructionStep includes the full file path or just the filename when showing file and line below


File and Line instructionStep shows the filename and line number

Units instructionStep gives allocation sizes in Bytes, KB or MB



Allocation behaviour


Memory Validator refers to an allocation as having an allocation behaviour - indicating one of the following:





The default is to include all three behaviours in the hotspot calculations



Empty nodes


When the Memory tab option is set to show only live data rather than lifetime data, it is possible for the total number of bytes (or handles) displayed to be zero.


Include empty nodes... instructionStep include zero byte or zero handle entries in the hotspot listing



Refresh and reset


Refresh the display... instructionStep enables updates of the hotspot display whenever this settings dialog is closed

Reset instructionStep revert all these settings to the default values shown in the picture above