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Bug Validator Help

If you want to test the capabilities of Bug Validator you could choose to run the sample program supplied with Bug Validator - crashValidatorExample.exe. The program crashValidatorExample.exe demonstrates deadlocks, bad lock strategy and related errors..


Please read these topics before starting:

What do you need to run Bug Validator?

User Permissions

Your application needs to be compiled to produce debugging information and linked so that debugging information is available.

If you have no debugging information but you do have a Microsoft format MAP file available the MAP file must contain line number information using the /MAPINFO:LINES linker directive.


To start your program click on the launch icon on the session toolbar.




The launch program dialog will be displayed. If you have just installed the software you will be shown the launch wizard. If you have switched to Dialog user interface mode you will be shown the launch dialog (shown below).




The picture above shows the launch program dialog. If you wish to know how this dialog works click here.


1) Click on the Start button to use a file browser to choose the program to launch. The program will be launched automatically.


2) Bug Validator will start the target program and inject the stub into the target program. A progress dialog will be displayed whilst the stub is being injected into the target program. The progress dialog lets you know what task it is performing during the injection sequence. When the stub is correctly installed in the target program the stub will establish communications with Bug Validator.


3) Data will be collected by Bug Validator until the target program exits.


4) When the target program exits, Bug Validator closes the session. The data collection icons on the session toolbar are disabled (the toolbar image will look like the image shown at the top of this section).