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Bug Validator Help

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What do you need to run Bug Validator?

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Microsoft® Visual Studio®


Bug Validator requires your application to be built using Microsoft® Visual Studio® 6.0 service pack 3 or later.

In practice you may find that applications built with Developer Studio 4.2 and later can be used with Bug Validator.


User Privileges


Bug Validator uses the CreateRemoteThread() Win32 function. You must have access privileges that allow you to create threads in other programs. Typically Administrator and Power User user types have the appropriate privileges. Ordinary user accounts can be easily modified to have the required privileges. User Privileges are discussed in detail here.


Registry Access Privileges


Bug Validator requires read access and write access to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SoftwareVerification\CrashValidator.


Operating System


Because the CreateRemoteThread() Win32 function and named pipes are not available on Windows 95®, Windows 98® and Windows Me®, Bug Validator will not run on these platforms.


Bug Validator requires Windows NT® 4.0 or better.


We recommend that the minimum service pack levels are used.


Windows NT 4.0, Service Pack 6

Windows 2000, Service Pack 2

Windows XP and later, no service packs issued at time of product release.