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Bug Validator Help


The help menu


The help menu provides access to useful help, tips and tutorials.


Each item is covered briefly below, in menu order.








menu Help menu instructionStep Tips... instructionStep shows the tip dialog where you can browse tips in random order


Here you can also choose whether to display the tips dialog while launching programs.





About box


menu Help menu instructionStep About Bug Validator... instructionStep shows contact and copyright information, as well as details of your license





Overview video


menu Help menu instructionStep Overview video... instructionStep displays the Bug Validator overview video.



Readme and version history


menu Help menu instructionStep Readme... instructionStep opens the readme.html (from your installation) in your browser.


The readme file contains all the latest information about Bug Validator including:


basic information about getting started and where to go for support

known issues

version history


To see what's changed since the version you have installed see the latest version historyexternalLink.





menu Help menu instructionStep Help Topics... instructionStep shows the HTML help dialog


You might be reading this right now!.


Or click on the question mark icon on the standard toolbar:




note The b_f1 key also shows the help, but has the added bonus of jumping directly to the page relevant for the current view or dialog.


note We occasionally get reports of customers seeing exception errors while viewing the HTML help. Unfortunately, we don't have a solution for this!



Help PDF


menu Help menu instructionStep Help PDF instructionStep shows the PDF version of this help. This will open in your web browser on most computers.


PDF help for all our software tools are onlineexternalLink.



Help on


menu Help menu instructionStep Help on instructionStep shows the online version of this helpexternalLink





menu Help menu instructionStep Blog instructionStep shows the Software Verify BlogexternalLink.





menu Help menu instructionStep Library instructionStep shows the Software Verify Library - all our best articles organised into related topicsexternalLink for easy access.





The tutorials are intended to guide you through learning how to use aspects of Bug Validator.


Latest tutorials are available onlineexternalLink in the form of short videos and examples covering popular topics.


menu Help menu instructionStep Tutorials instructionStep simply selects the Tutorials tab to show a list of the tutorials


Double click on the row of a tutorial in the list to open it in a browser.


menu Help menu instructionStep Tutorials on instructionStep opens the online tutorialsexternalLink in a browser



Contact customer support


menu Help menu instructionStep Contact customer support instructionStep shows the Contact customer supportexternalLink dialog.




How do I?


menu Help menu instructionStep How do I? instructionStep shows the How do I? dialog.




Report a crash


menu Help menu instructionStep Report a crash instructionStep displays the options for reporting a crash.


If an exception report for the Bug Validator user interface, or an exception report for an application that Bug Validator was monitoring is available it will be displayed with options to copy it to the clipboard and contact customer support at Software Verify.