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Thread Validator Help

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Starting your target program

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Starting options


There are seven ways to start a target program and have Thread Validator collect data from it.


Launch your program in a specified directory, with as many command line arguments as you want

Inject Thread Validator into an already running program

Wait until a specific program starts to run before attaching to it - e.g. for programs started as an OLE server


Monitor a service


Monitor IIS and ISAPI


Use the Native API to start Thread Validator from code that you control


Start Thread Validator from the command line, allowing you to automate your use of Thread Validator


Modules without PDB files and without MAP files


For your application to be processed for thread data, each module to be monitored must have a PDB file with debug data, or a MAP file with line number data.


Use the Debug DLLs dialog to see whether debug information was not found for any modules, and check the Diagnostics tab for failure messages.