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DLL Debug Information

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Viewing the DLL debug information


If you are having problems collecting thread data for a particular EXE/DLL the problem may be that the debug information that is required to perform the instrumentation of the software cannot be found.


You can view a list of the debug information status of modules loaded by your target application.


menu Tools menu instructionStep DLL Debug Information... instructionStep shows the DLL Debug Information dialog below




The dialog shows:


the path from which Modules (DLL or EXE) were loaded

the debug Status (below)


if any symbol server is not reachable (offline or doesn't exist) a message will be shown in red at the bottom of the dialog. You can edit the symbol server definitions here.



Debug status


There are various reasons why a module may not have its debug information read.


The dialog shows a comment or reason in the status column. Examples might be:


PDB or MAP if the debug information was found and used

Debug information not present

A reason for being ignored

Module is a part of the C Run-time Library (CRT) or Standard Template Library (STL)

Location is a system directory

Ignored due to Hooked DLLs advanced settings

File is a Software Verify own module

Module has been specified as a 3rd party

No executable code is contained

The module only has GUI resources



More information about PDB and MAP files


Clicking on the Learn more... link at the top right of the dialog shows some more details with additional links to topics in this help.


interactiveClick the links below to read more in our frequently asked questions.






Finding out more using the  Debugging Information Diagnosis Dialog


When debug information is not present for a given module the DLL Debug Information dialog (above) may display a button in the Status column to show the Debugging Information Diagnosis dialog.


The dialog shows:


Information, advice, and diagnostic help

Quick links to change settings




The information options include:


Debugging information advice... instructionStep shows the Symbols and Debugging Information dialog above.


Help me choose what flags... instructionStep shows the Debugging Flags wizard


 Use the wizard to first select the compiler or linker you're using




 Next >> instructionStep Provides the relevant debug compiler and linker flags. An example for Visual Studio 2017 to 2015 is below:





Show me how debug information was searched for... instructionStep shows the Debug Information Search Path dialog


 This information is extracted from the Diagnostic tab and shows only the relevant information for the module selected in the DLL Debug Information dialog.






The options for changing settings include quick links to the following pages from the Global Settings Dialog


Edit PDB search paths... instructionStep shows the File Location settings page for PDB files.


Edit symbol lookup options... instructionStep shows the Symbol Lookup settings page


Edit symbol server options... instructionStep shows the Symbol Servers settings page


Edit symbol load preferences... instructionStep shows the Symbol Load Preferences settings page


Edit symbol debug options... instructionStep shows the Symbol Misc settings page