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Memory Validator Help

The Warning page allows you to control warnings that Memory Validator can display.


The default settings are shown below:





LoadLibrary Warnings


When you want to know if a module is failing to load and why, you can be informed on the diagnostics tab or via a message box:


Display message on Diagnostic tab informing about failed LoadLibrary(Ex) call instructionStep shows diagnostic message (on by default)


Display message box informing ... instructionStep shows warning message dialog (off by default)


This message box is launched in the target application as a convenience for attaching your debugger before clicking the OK button.



Static CRT Warning


Memory Validator instruments the C runtime heap by monitoring calls to the dynamically linked CRT.


Warn if dynamically linked CRT is not present ... instructionStep shows a warning dialog (example below) if the application starting up is using static rather than dynamically linked CRT


seeAlsoSee the before you start section for more information about the dynamic and static CRTs.





WinSxS MFC80/MSVCRT80 Warning


This warning applies to all MFC/VC++ from MFC80 (Visual Studio 2005) onwards through to Visual Studio 2014 (MFC140(u)(d).dll/APPCRT140(U)(D).DLL)


When working with these versions, dlls are installed as side by side DLLs in the c:\windows\WinSxS folder (or equivalent).


The symbols for these DLLs are not kept in the same folder and will not be found automatically by Memory Validator.


A warning is optionally shown indicating the PDB symbol search path may be incomplete if the c:\windows\symbols\dll folder (or equivalent) is not part of the PDB symbol path when VC  or MFC DLLs are used.


Warn if WinSxS symbols not in PDB symbol path ... instructionStep shows a warning that the PDB symbol search path may be incomplete (on by default)



In-place Memory Leak Detect Warning


This warning is displayed when an in-place memory leak detection is started. The warning informs you how many pointers and/or handles will be checked (the more there are, the longer it takes).


Show warning dialog prior to performing ... instructionStep shows a warning that an in-place memory leak detect is about to take place.



Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.