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Using bookmarks

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Example use of bookmarks


To demonstrate the use of bookmarks we'll run the example application once, add some bookmarks, do more work and then easily return to the bookmarked items.





Memory tab instructionStep Display... instructionStep ensure All Memory (leaks, errors, unleaked) is selected in the first combo box


launch nativeExample.exe instructionStep wait until attaching is complete


Memory tab instructionStep Refresh instructionStep the display updates to include the usual selection of allocations


Pick three allocations of interest, perhaps the most recent allocations of different datatypes, such as CString, int [] or DWORD []


For each one, do the following:


right_mouse_buttonAdd Bookmark... instructionStep shows the Bookmark Name dialog pre-filled with an automatic name


Enter a name of your choice, for example relating to the data type you selected instructionStep OK instructionStep adds a bookmark to the system




There are now three bookmarks for three different traces in the bookmark manager.


We'll come back to these later, but first we'll make some more allocations.





menu Allocations menu instructionStep Test Many Hooks at Once instructionStep makes a selection of allocations


Feel free to make any more allocations you wish, using the test options in the example program.





Memory tab instructionStep Refresh instructionStep the display should refresh to include the new items.


The items you bookmarked are a little further down the display, but in a real world scenario, they might be lost in a sea of data!


menu Managers menu instructionStep Bookmark Manager... instructionStep displays the Bookmarks dialog


You should see the three bookmarks you added earlier




Select one of the bookmarks. In this case we'll choose int [ ].


Goto instructionStep scrolls the display to the original item bookmarked for this name.




Bookmarks can only be used on the Memory tab and the Analysis tab.


note If the memory has been deallocated the trace will no longer be displayed on the memory view. The bookmark manager won't be able to find it. Use the Analysis view instead.





menu File menu instructionStep Exit