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Memory Validator Help

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Symbols Misc

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The Symbols Misc tab allows you to set miscellaneous symbols loading and resolving settings and some diagnostic options.


The default settings are shown below:





Immediate or deferred symbol loading


When converting program addresses to symbol names, you can choose immediate or defer loading until each symbol is needed.


Use deferred symbol loading instructionStep uses deferred symbol loading rather than 'all at once' (on by default)


Microsoft® recommend deferred symbol loading, claiming it is the fastest option. We give you the choice.



Symbol Reader Logging


Symbols are fetched from symbol servers using a helper process svlDbgHelpSymbolReader.exe. We log the command line and behaviour of this helper tool. This is displayed on the diagnostic tab.


If you wish the log files can be kept for later analysis. By default this option is turned off.


Keep svlDbgHelpSymbolReader log files instructionStep keep the log files after Memory Validator has finished processing them


The path to the directory containing the log files is shown.


Clean instructionStep delete all svlDbgHelpSymbolReader log files



Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.