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Memory Validator Help


Searching for object allocations


Using the Object Query dialog below, you can search for allocations of objects by their datatype.


The object query dialog is very similar in behaviour to finding addresses.



The object query dialog


To show the Object Query dialog, choose the menu option below:


menu Query menu instructionStep choose Query Object... instructionStep displays the Object Query dialog


Or use the following icon on the Query Toolbar.









Search criteria


Just choose the object type for which you want to find allocations.


Object type instructionStep choose the datatype of the objects you want to find



Allocation types


As well as allocations you can search for reallocations and/or free events:


Allocated instructionStep search for allocations

Reallocated instructionStep search for reallocations

Deleted instructionStep search for free events


Query results


Query instructionStep performs the search

The search results are added to the list in the dialog.


Clear instructionStep clears all the results from the list

The list is not automatically cleared with each search, so you can compare results of different searches


You can expand the search results, and double click the data items to edit source code in your preferred editor.



Finding referenced objects


Within the search results, you can select an item and find potentially referenced and referencing objects:


Referenced... instructionStep find other objects which are referenced by the selected object


Referencing... instructionStep find other objects that reference the selected object


Referenced pointers are listed in the same references dialog used when finding addresses.


seeAlso Also see the examples below.




Examples of searches and finding referenced objects


Memory Validator has an example program with which to safely explore all the features available.


Among the datatypes it uses is CString and CTeststakDoc, used in the examples below.


Searching for object types


If you searched for a datatype with many allocation instances, they would all be listed.


For example CString





Below are the results of searching for CSingleDocTemplate datatype allocations.


The results are expanded to show the source code surrounding the allocation point.






Selecting the object in the list and clicking Referenced finds referenced objects and should include CTeststakDoc being referenced by the CSingleDocTemplate object:






Clicking Referencing to find objects referencing the CSingleDocTemplate object might show something like: