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Finding memory leaks

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Detecting memory leaks


This test (and most of those that follow) uses the example application nativeExample.exe.


The example program is run once and we use the Memory view to observe and investigate the memory leak.




launch nativeExample.exe instructionStep wait until attaching is complete





menu File menu instructionStep Exit


The example program automatically generates some memory leaks when it starts.




wait for data transfer to complete


The data collection indicators will be disabled when collection has stopped and all data for the session has been processed.


Memory tab instructionStep Refresh instructionStep shows all leaked memory in the colour defined for leaks - yellow by default


One of the entries is an allocation of 123456 bytes:




expand the entry instructionStep shows the allocation callstack  




expand the topmost entry on the callstack instructionStep the source code fragment shows where the memory was allocated


If there is no source code, or it can't be found, you'll be prompted for the location.




To edit the source code, double click on the source code.