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Coverage Validator Help


Finding lines in functions


Using the Find Function dialog below, you can search for lines occurring in functions matching a function name of interest.


This feature is similar in behaviour to finding objects or addresses except here the results are cleared each time.


To show the Find Function dialog, choose the menu option below:


menu Query menu instructionStep choose Find function... instructionStep displays the Find Function dialog


Or use the following icon on the Query Toolbar.








Search criteria


Enter a function name, and optionally whether to match case or the complete name


Function instructionStep enter full or partial function name


Match case instructionStep tick to do a case-sensitive match


Complete function name instructionStep tick to only match the whole name


 note For C++ methods, complete names must be of the form classname::methodname.



Function match results


Find instructionStep performs the search displaying results in the list

Results replace any previous search, unlike querying addresses or objects where the results are added to the list.


You can expand the search results, and double click the data items to edit source code in your preferred editor.


The picture above shows results of a search for 'About' in the example application.


The filename is shown in green, indicating that some parts of the file have been visited, but not necessarily in the functions matching the search.


The lines themselves are shown above in pink, indicating that they have not been visited.


Showing the about dialog in the example application and doing the search again would show the lines as green as below: