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Example application

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The example application


The example application is a great way to explore the capabilities of Coverage Validator.


The source and projects are included in the installation, but you'll need to build the example application yourself.


You can then use nativeExample.exe in conjunction with Coverage Validator to monitor the coverage of the application as you use it.






How to use these examples


The best way to understand how Coverage Validator works is by example.


We recommend launching the example application from Coverage Validator and observing how the menu actions affect coverage information.


Examining the source code is the best way to see what's going on in the example application.


Resetting the statistics before and between using the menu items is a good way to easily see exactly what new code was executed and marked as included in the coverage.


For convenience, below we have provided the source locations where each menu action runs a test.


Most test locations are in the CTeststakView class of nativeExample\TESTSVW.CPP



File menu


menu File menu instructionStep Exit instructionStep closes the example application, which itself increases the code coverage.


Test menu


menu Test menu instructionStep ...


instructionStep Test


Calls a small number of test functions

instructionStep Test2


Calls a small number of other test functions

instructionStep LoadLibrary Test...


Opens a file browser for you to choose a test dll to load but doesn't call any other functions

instructionStep FreeLibrary Test


Frees up any previously loaded library above



Colour menu


menu Colour menu instructionStep ...


instructionStep Red, Green, Blue,
   Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

OnColourRed(), OnColourGreen(), etc

Sets the background colour of the main window and repaints the window

instructionStep Reset


Calls the same method that accesses two more different methods

instructionStep Use if() statements


Affects the code path used when applying the background colours above

instructionStep Use switch() statements


Affects the code path used when applying background colours



Help menu


menu Help menu instructionStep ...


instructionStep About Coverage Validator Tester...

CTeststakApp::OnAppAbout(), etc

Shows a simple help dialog using code in nativeExample.cpp