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Bug Validator Help

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Starting your target program

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Bug Validator provides a choice of 3 methods to start a target program and have Bug Validator collect data from the target program about the program's execution.


You can start a program in a specified directory and with as many command line arguments as you want.

You can inject Bug Validator into an already running program.

You can have Bug Validator wait until a specific program starts to run before attaching to that program. This is useful for when you want Bug Validator to attach to a program that is started as an OLE server, for example.



Modules without PDB files and without MAP files


For your application to be processed for execution history tracking, each module that you want to have processed must have a PDB file with debug data, or a MAP file with line number data. Map files for Release builds cannot have line number data as the /MAPINFO:LINES option does not work in Release builds.


For modules that are not system files, Bug Validator will warn you if a module did not have any appropriate line number information. The warning is shown as a dialog listing the module names that did not have the appropriate information.




If you do not wish to see this warning dialog again, select the Do not show this dialog again check box.



Due to daylight saving times it is possible for a MAP file to have an embedded timestamp that is different than the DLL timestamp by an hour.

In these situations Bug Validator will not recognise the MAP as valid. The solution to this problem is to rebuild the application.