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Bug Validator Help

This section describes which XML tags are used to export the session data from a Bug Validator session.


The start of an exported XML file lists a few details about Bug Validator:




<VALIDATORDATE>Date Bug Validator was built</VALIDATORDATE>


<VALIDATORTIME>Time Bug Validator was built</VALIDATORTIME>


<TITLE>Name of executable</TITLE>


Execution history is listed in the following tag pairs.




The tags found inside the above tag pairs are shown below. Note that all hexadecimal numbers are written with leading zeros and a leading 0x.


<THREAD>Thread id</THREAD>




<FILENAME>Filename of source file</FILENAME>


<LINE>Decimal line number</LINE>


<ADDRESS>Hexadecimal address</ADDRESS>


<FUNCTIONNAME>Function name and byte offset</FUNCTIONNAME>