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VM Validator Help

The Summary view allows you to get an overview of your application's memory usage.


Four main panels highlight key statistics and a lower panel with two tabs provides information about DLLs and page faults.








Virtual Memory - statistics about the virtual memory usage of the application.
Contiguous Regions - data about the largest contiguous region for each type of virtual memory. These values will let you easily determine if there is enough memory to satisfy a particular allocation request.


Page File - data about the working set and the page file.


Quota - data about the paged and non-paged pool used by the operating system and device drivers.


 For more information about paged and non-paged pool see





A list of all DLLs in the application with statistics on page faults, load address, dll size, amount of committed memory, amount of reserved memory, the CPU it was built for (x86, x64, AnyCPU) and the type of DLL (native, managed, mixed-mode).

Note that AnyCPU, managed and mixed-mode only apply if a .Net application is being examined.






A context menu is available for the DLLs grid, DLL inspection, and copy the DLL name to clipboard.






Page Faults


A list of all page faults that have been monitored, which DLL they were in (if any) and what symbol, filename and line number are related to that address.


If you have problems getting symbols you may want to change the settings used to obtain symbols.


This display doesn't include all page fault information. If you want detailed page fault information, download Page Fault Monitor from






A context menu is available for the page faults grid, providing source code editing, DLL inspection, and copy the DLL name or filename to clipboard.