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VM Validator Help

The Symbols tab lets you specify the paths used to find symbols for the application you are examining.
The defaults are setup to pull symbols from Microsoft's symbol servers.






Symbol Search Paths


We use debug information found in PDB files to turn addresses into human readable symbols, filenames and lines.


By default there is one path in the symbol search paths: c:\windows\symbols\dll.


If you wish to add more paths to symbols you can add or remove them using the Add..., Remove and Remove All buttons.


You can restore the default symbol paths using the Set Default button.



Symbol Server


If the symbol server is enabled (Use Symbol Server) Page Fault Monitor will download symbols using a symbol server.


Symbols are downloaded to a Symbol Directory. This directory must be valid for the symbol server to work. You can type the directory name or click Browse... to use the Microsoft folder browser to select the directory.


Microsoft DLLs


For Microsoft DLLs that are found in the Windows System32 directory we download symbols from Microsoft's symbol server:


None Microsoft DLLs


For none Microsoft DLLs we download symbols from the symbol server specified on the settings dialog in the Symbol Server field.


You can set the symbol server to it's default value using the Set Default button.


Please note that if you have symbol servers enabled there may be a delay in providing symbol information the first symbols for a specific DLL are downloaded from the symbol server.



Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.