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Performance Validator Help


The XML tags used to export session data from Performance Validator are outlined below.


This information may be useful to reformat the details for use in another tool or application. Alternatively if you need a custom HTML format, you can first export the XML and use that to generate the HTML.


Application and program details


An exported XML file starts with a few details about Performance Validator and the target program:



<VALIDATORINFO>Performance Validator information online</VALIDATORINFO>
<TITLE>Target program name</TITLE>
<EXITCODE>Program exit status code and description (if collected)</EXITCODE>

<INFO>Information about the report type</INFO>


Performance data


The header information above is followed by a series of Performance Data tags containing the statistics that were selected for export.


Below is a typical example from the example program - see the Export Session Dialog for an explanation of each item.


  <FILENAME>c:\program files (x86)\software verification\c++ performance validator\examples\nativeexample\nativeexampledoc.cpp Line 64</FILENAME>