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Hotspot Colours

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The Hotspot Colours page controls the colours used for different levels of performance on performance trees and graphs.





Colour Style


There are 7 predefined colour styles and one custom colour style that you can edit.


The 7 predefined colour styles are:


Default instructionStep the multicoloured colour range

Red instructionStep a red colour range

Green instructionStep a green colour range

Blue instructionStep a blue colour range

Yellow instructionStep a yellow colour range

Cyan instructionStep a cyan colour range

Magenta instructionStep a magent colour range


When the custom style is selected the start colour and end colour become editable, allowing you to configure a custom colour range.



Changing hotspot colours


For each colour you can choose a predefined colour or make your own.


The default colours follow a rainbow-like progression. A meaningful sequence helps visually distinguish areas of higher or lower significance more easily.


Use the drop-down list colour-combo-hotspots instructionStep pick one of 16 predefined colours below  


Or click the colour-dotdotdot-button button instructionStep edit the colour using the standard colour dialog:




A preview of your chosen colours is displayed on the right of the page.


note Since the text is very dark, we recommend use a lighter range of colours to keep things readable.



Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.