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Memory Validator Help

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User Interface Extensions

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The User Interface Extensions tab allows you to specify DLLs which can be used to extend the Memory Validator user interface.





User interface extension DLLs


Similar to the stub extensions, but without the limit of 16, you can specify extension DLLs which can be used to extend the functionality of the Memory Validator user interface.


Enable user extensions... instructionStep allows you to turn your extensions on/off without having to enable/disable or remove them all.


Standard options control the list:


Add... instructionStep browse and select one or more DLLs instructionStep Open instructionStep adds the chosen DLLs to the DLLs list


Remove instructionStep removes any selected DLL from the list


Remove All instructionStep removes all DLLs from the list


Enable or disable a DLL by ticking or unticking the yellow boxes or change them all at once


Enable All instructionStep ticks all the DLLs, enabling them all

Disable All instructionStep unticks everything


seeAlsoSee also stub extension DLLs



Reset All - Resets most global settings including those on other pages, but does not clear the DLLs in this list other than those added since the settings page was last opened.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.