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Memory Validator Help


To cause a .Net heap dump, choose the menu option below:


menu .Net Tools menu instructionStep choose Heap Dump... instructionStep displays the Heap Dump dialog


Or use the heap dump icon on the .Net Tools Toolbar.





The heap dump dialog is displayed.





Heap Naming


Automatically name heap dumps instructionStep all heap dumps are automatically named


Prompt for heap dump name instructionStep this dialog is displayed. The heap dump name is specified in the edit field.


Display a notification dialog instructionStep when the heap dump is complete a dialog box is displayed



Heap Dump Complete


When the heap dump is complete a notification is displayed if it has been requested.





An entry for the heap dump is also added to the combo box on the Heap Dumps sub-tab of the main .Net tab.






note Any attempt to fetch a new heap dump will fail until enough objects have been allocated to allow a garbage collection to run.