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Finding double deallocations

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Detecting double deallocations


The example program is run once and we use the Memory view to observe and investigate any double deallocations.


For each double deallocation, Memory Validator displays the allocation and deallocation locations.




launch nativeExample.exe instructionStep wait until attaching is complete





menu Memory Errors menu instructionStep Incorrect Usage instructionStep Double Delete instructionStep forces a double deallocation in the example application


If a heap warning dialog appears, choose Ignore to continue.


menu File menu instructionStep Exit




wait for data transfer to complete


Memory tab instructionStep Refresh instructionStep shows the usual leaks and also multiple deallocations using the colour defined.





expand the most recent double deallocation instructionStep shows the locations for allocation, free and double free


expand the topmost entries in each callstack instructionStep shows the successive lines of the test in CTeststakView::OnTestDoubledeleteofmemory()