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Memory Validator Help

The Allocation History tab allows you to control how much memory Memory Validator uses to perform its work.


Depending on the task you are performing you may want to allow Memory Validator to use more (or less) memory than for other tasks.


note The less information on deallocations, reallocations and freed data that Memory Validator keeps, the smaller the memory requirements placed on your computer.





Historical Data - discarding older deallocated data


Depending on the following:


the task you are trying to complete using Memory Validator

your computer's RAM capacity

virtual memory storage

the target program being inspected may want to discard some types of data rather than keep it all.


You can optionally discard stack traces for deallocations, reallocations and freed memory, and in each case specify just how much information is kept, with oldest deallocated data being discarded first.


Discard stack traces for free memory instructionStep discards information about memory and handle deallocations

Discard stack traces for reallocated memory instructionStep discard information about reallocated memory and handle allocations

Discard stack traces for freed memory instructionStep discard information about deallocated memory and handle allocations


The default is to keep only the most recent 1000 stack traces in each case, but deselecting each option will keep all the data instead.



COM reference counts


Normally Memory Validator keeps information about COM Reference counts even after the reference count for a particular object reaches zero. This can be very useful for examining the reference count history when a COM object is deleted because its reference count is Release'd too many times or not AddRef'd enough times.


Discard COM reference count data when reference count gets to zero instructionStep discards the relevant data to the freed list (see option above)
Discarding this data is useful when your application is correctly AddRef-ing and Release-ing large numbers of COM objects and you are only concerned with leaking COM objects rather than COM objects being deleted too soon.


Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.