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Memory Validator Help

The Ages Filters dialog allows you to edit filters for the Ages view.





Local filter management options


Add... instructionStep shows a dialog such as the Age Filter Definition to define a new filter to add to the list


Edit... instructionStep reopens the definition dialog to view or modify the selected filter

 Double clicking a filter in the list also works.


Delete instructionStep removes the selected filters from the list


Delete All instructionStep clears the list completely


Enable/Disable All instructionStep switches all the filters on or off


Apply instructionStep updates the data view with any newly changed local filters and without closing the dialog



Data display


Whether filters remove data from the display or show data on the display is determined by the combo box at the bottom of the screen.


Filters hide data instructionStep data matching the filter is not shown. All other data is shown.


Filters show data instructionStep data matching the filter is shown. All other data is not shown.