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Symbol Server

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The Symbol Server settings allow you to specify what symbol servers to use.


note You do not need to specify a symbol server if you do not wish to, and Exception Tracer will work correctly without a symbol server.






Symbol server


The symbol server is entirely optional, but is useful for obtaining symbols from a centralized company resource or for obtaining operating symbols from Microsoft.


The default symbol server is the Microsoft symbol server used for acquiring symbols about Microsoft's operating system DLLs. You may also wish to add some symbol servers for any software builds in your organisation.


A symbol server is defined by at least the following:


the symbol server dll to be used to handle the symbol server interaction

a directory location where symbol definitions are saved

the server location - a url


The symbol server can be enabled or disabled allowing you to keep multiple symbol server configurations available without constantly editing their definitions.



Reset - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page. This includes removing any symbol servers added.