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Coverage Validator Help

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What do you need to run Coverage Validator?

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The following makes of compiler are supported:


Microsoft® Visual Studio®

Borland C++

Borland Delphi





Fortran (various)


seeAlso Supported compilers for more details regarding versions and caveats.



User Privileges


Coverage Validator uses the CreateRemoteThread() Win32 function. You must have access privileges that allow you to create threads in other programs.


Typically Administrator and Power User user types have the appropriate privileges. Ordinary user accounts can be easily modified to have the required privileges.


seeAlso Learn more about user privileges in the section on User Permissions.



Registry Access Privileges


Coverage Validator requires read and write access to:






This is used when working with services


If read and write access is not allowed:


Coverage Validator will use default settings (thus any user selections will not apply)

Error messages will be displayed when Coverage Validator tries to access the registry key


These error messages can be suppressed if they are not desired. For example, if you're not working with services, then there's no requirement to access the second registry key, and all error messages relating to it can be ignored.



Operating System


Any 'modern' windows machine is suitable to run Coverage Validator.


At a minimum, Coverage Validator requires Windows XP or better.