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Working with IIS and Services

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note When working with NT services your account must have the appropriate privileges described in the User Permissions topic.



Attaching to your service


To use Coverage Validator with NT Services you need to link a small library to your application and call two functions in the library.



Service Account & User Account


If at all possible, run your service on the same user account that you run the Coverage Validator user interface.


The NT Service API


The NT Service API is provided to enable Coverage Validator to work with services.


The API works just as well with normal applications, and the same considerations outlined here also apply generally.


When the NT Service API is used, source code symbols are acquired in the stub and sent to the Coverage Validator user interface.



Monitoring the service


When working with Coverage Validator and services using the NT Service API you don't start the service using Coverage Validator.


Instead, you start the service the way you normally start the service - e.g. with the service control manager.


The code that you have embedded into your service then contacts Coverage Validator, which you should have running before starting the service.


Once you've exercised your service and stopped it, Coverage Validator will show the usual coverage information, although you can manually request an update while the session is running



Examples and help


We provide some Example Service Source Code to demonstrate how to embed the service code into your service.


If you have problems using Coverage Validator with services, please contact us at