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Edit Source Code...

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Source code editing


The editing settings let you set an editor of your choice to view or edit source code. Bug Validator's built-in editor is one of those options.


The built-in editor can be started in several ways:


left_mouse_buttonDouble click on a source code fragment (e.g. in the Execution History)

right_mouse_buttonpopup menu instructionStep Edit Source Code...

menu Tools menu instructionStep Edit Source Code...



Using the built-in editor


The built-in editor supports the basic operations expected for editing source code:


The highlighting is identical to that in the source code views of the main tabs:


The lines in green (for this colour scheme) have been visited

Lines that have not been visited are displayed in pink

Lines with a green tick next to them indicate that they have been successfully hooked

Lines that could not be hooked have a red cross against them

An arrow indicates the source code line of interest when the source code editor was displayed






menu File menu


The file options need no explanation:




menu Edit menu


All the following edit options should also be familiar:




Undo/Redo is unlimited by default, but this can be changed in the options below.



menu Formatting menu


The formatting menu has general display and editing options




Convert instructionStep Tabs to spaces instructionStep turns all tabs into spaces

Convert instructionStep Spaces to tabs instructionStep turns all spaces into spaces

Use Colour instructionStep toggles the colour coded display

Fonts and Line Numbers... instructionStep change text colours, fonts and line numbers



Options... instructionStep set tab length and other options



Wrap Width... instructionStep changes the column width at which lines will wrap in the display



Status bar


The status bar shows help text at the bottom as you hover over menu and toolbar options.


To the right of the status bar are insert mode, column number and line number.



Line collapsing


You can temporarily collapse sections of code as follows:


left_mouse_buttonLeft click in the margin to start the section instructionStep Drag to define the length instructionStep Release to set the end of the section


Click anywhere on the resulting indicator to collapse, and on the + to expand a section.











noteLine collapsing is temporary and not remembered between edit sessions.