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Visual Studio Project Fixer Help

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Command line interface

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Visual Studio Project Fixer provides a command line user interface to allow you to automate checks for errors in your project files.



Example 1


Scan the directory e:\om\c\projects for Visual Studio projects with both extensions .vcproj and .vcxproj, write a log of possible changes to e:\VSPFlog.txt.


No visual studio projects will be modified.


VisualStudioProjectFixer.exe /dir e:\om\c\projects /projects /vcxproj /vcproj /log e:\VSPFlog.txt /warnOnlyDoNoChange



Example 2


Scan the directory e:\om\c\projects for Visual Studio solutions, load every project mentioned in each solution (if the project has a .vcxproj extension), identify all possible problems, fix all possible problems, save the projects, making a backup of each project.


VisualStudioProjectFixer.exe /dir e:\om\c\projects /solutions /vcxproj /detectAll /fixAll /noPromptForSave /makeBackups