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Visual Studio Project Cleaner Help

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What does Visual Studio Project Cleaner do?

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Visual Studio Project Cleaner deletes all temporary and workspace files associated with Visual Studio.



File Corruption and Instability


In some cases if these temporary and workspace files get corrupted it is possible for Visual Studio to become unstable and crash. This is particularly noticeable with Visual Studio 6.


Deleting these files causes Visual Studio to rebuild them the next time it needs them.


Our experience is that crashes caused by corrupt data are fixed if you run Visual Studio Project Cleaner to delete the temporary files.



Use at your own risk


Visual Studio Project Cleaner destroys temporary files and workspace files. There are no backups made of the files that are destroyed.


Use this software tool at your own risk.


We have never had any problems in the 9 years since we wrote this tool, but that does not guarantee this tool is bug free or that correct usage of this tool will not result in an important file you rely upon being deleted.


Always backup your data before using this tool, or ensure that it is in your version control system.