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Visual Studio Project Builder Help

Build Visual Studio solution




Specify the Visual Studio solution to build.


If the name contains spaces, it should be quoted.




/buildSolution e:\om\c\testApps\testApps.sln


/buildSolution "e:\om\c\dev workspace\testApps.sln"



Related options


This option is best used with /loadSettings to load the settings you wish to use to build the solution, or with /resetSettings to use the default settings to build the solution.


Alternatively you can specify individual project file types to build in the solution:











Batch file usage


start /wait "Build TestApps" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Software Verify\Visual Studio Project Builder\visualStudioProjectBuilder.exe" /resetSettings /buildSolution "e:\om\c\testApps\testApps.sln"


This line in the batch file does this:


starts Visual Studio Project Builder

resets the settings to the default

loads e:\om\c\testApps\testApps.sln

builds all configurations of all projects in the solution (which projects and configurations are controlled by the settings - you can change this by using /loadSettings)

closes Visual Studio Project Builder

the batch file waits for Visual Studio Project Builder before executing the next statement in the batch file