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Historical Data

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The Historical Data tab allows you to control how many of the most recent stack traces are kept by Thread Validator.




Historical Data


There may be occasions when you want control over when to keep or discard information on older data. This may depend on:


your computer's RAM capacity

virtual memory storage

the task you are trying to complete

the target program being inspected


Two options allow you to Discard stack traces for...


...destroyed/closed synchronization objects and handles instructionStep discard information about these freed handles


When selected you can specify How many freed traces to keep. The default is 10,000.


Data is discarded on a first deallocated, first discarded basis, so most recent deallocations are always kept.



...TRACE messages and informational traces instructionStep discard older information about these items, including Sleep()


When selected you can specify How many traces to keep. The default is 10,000.



note Note that the less information kept about deallocated data, the smaller the memory requirements placed on your computer.



Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.