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Simple Backup Help

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What does Simple Backup do?

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Simple Backup allows you to easily backup files from your computer.


Just plug in an external hard drive, start the software and click the Start Backing up Files button.



Who is this software for?


This software is intended to be so easy to use that you can use this software even if you think of yourself as someone that doesn't know how to use computers very well.


That said, if you're a power user there are options for you in the settings that provide you with more control if you want it.



What files are backed up if I don't configure anything?


We back up all the files in your user directory, except any files in folders that start with $ or .



What if I want to backup more than the default selection of files?


You can easily add additional locations to backup using the Settings dialog.


If you want to only backup a particular type of file, say all JPG files (files from your camera) then you can do that with the file filters option.