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Software Updates

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The Software Updates menu controls how often software updates are downloaded.


If you've been notified of a new software release to Simple Backup or just want to see if there's a new version, this feature makes it easy to update.






menu Software Updates menu instructionStep Check for software updates instructionStep checks for updates and shows the software update dialog if any exist


An internet connection is needed to be able to make contact with our servers.


note Before updating the software, close the help manual, and end any active session by closing target programs.


If no updates are available, you'll just see this message:





Software Update dialog


If a software update is available for Simple Backup you'll see the software update dialog.





Download and install instructionStep  downloads the update, showing progress




Once the update has downloaded, Simple Backup will close, run the installer, and restart.


You can stop the download at any time, if necessary.


Don't download... instructionStep Doesn't download, but you'll be prompted for it again next time you start Simple Backup


Skip this version... instructionStep Doesn't download the update and doesn't bother you again until there's an even newer update


Software update options... instructionStep edit the software update schedule



Problems downloading or installing?


If for whatever reason, automatic download and installation fails to complete:


Download the latest installer manually from the software verify website.  

Make some checks for possible scenarios where files may be locked by Simple Backup as follows:


Ensure Simple Backup and its help manual is also closed

Ensure any error dialogs from the previous installation are closed


You should now be ready to run the new version.



Software update schedule


Simple Backup can automatically check to see if a new version of Simple Backup is available for downloading.


menu Software Updates menu instructionStep Configure software updates instructionStep shows the software update schedule dialog


The update options are:


never check for updates

check daily (the default)

check weekly

check monthly


The most recent check for updates is shown at the bottom.





Software update directory


It’s important to be able to specify where software updates are downloaded to because of potential security risks that may arise from allowing the TMP directory to be executable. For example, to counteract security threats it's possible that account ownership permissions or antivirus software blocks program execution directly from the TMP directory.


The TMP directory is the default location but if for whatever reason you're not comfortable with that, you can specify your preferred download directory. This allows you to set permissions for TMP to deny execute privileges if you wish.


menu Software Updates menu instructionStep Set software update directory instructionStep shows the Software update download directory dialog




An invalid directory will show the path in red and will not be accepted until a valid folder is entered.


Example reasons for invalid directories include:


the directory doesn't exist

the directory doesn't have write privilege (update can't be downloaded)

the directory doesn't have execute privilege (downloaded update can't be run)


note When modifying the download directory, you should ensure the directory will continue to be valid. Updates may no longer occur if the download location is later invalidated.


Reset instructionStep reverts the download location to the user's TMP directory


The default location is c:\users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp