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Performance Validator Help


The Line Timing Filters page allows you to set specific classes, methods and functions to be included in, or excluded from, the line hooking process.




These settings are identical to the Class And Function filters in the previous section, except they only affect the line timing hooks.


Since line-timed functions are controlled independently from other functions being monitored in a session, you can time just the lines within a single function or a single method in a class without the overhead of line-timing everything else.


note These filters apply only to the DLLs and files that you have not already excluded via other filters.



Listing what to exclude or include


By default, Performance Validator will try to hook lines in all classes, methods and functions in the hooked files, but you can choose to list only those which should be included or excluded.


Hook all... instructionStep hook everything (the default)


Only hook ... instructionStep hook only the classes, methods and functions listed

If not line timing everything (which has a performance overhead), this would be the typical case, i.e. to selectively line-time only your areas of interest

Don't hook ... instructionStep hook everything except the classes, methods and functions listed

seeAlsoLine timing filters can also be added via the instrumentation filter options on the context menus of each main tab. See more on the Statistics menu for example.



Managing the list


Choose from known methods:


Add... instructionStep shows the Class::Method Browser dialog below


Type or choose a class and/or method from the pre-populated drop-down list of all functions:



When typing an entry, you'll see a message at the bottom of the dialog if the symbol doesn't exist:





Choose from known methods:


Add List... instructionStep shows the List of classes or functions dialog below


Enter any number of plain class::method or function names or just paste them in.




noteThe list will not be validated against known functions. Do not include return types, brackets, parameters or other details.


Remove items as normal:


Remove instructionStep removes selected items in the list

Remove All instructionStep removes all items, clearing the list


Alternatively, press b_del to delete selected items, and b_ctrl + b_a to select all items in the list first.



Exporting and importing


Since the list can be quite complicated to set up, you can export the settings to a file and import them again later. This is useful when switching between different target applications.


Export... instructionStep choose or enter a filename instructionStep Save instructionStep outputs the filtered list to the file

Import... instructionStep navigate to an existing *.pvxc file instructionStep Open instructionStep loads the filtered list


note The exported file can be used with the -classAndFunctionFile command line option.



Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.



Reset - Resets the settings on the current page.