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Performance Validator Help


The FORTRAN95 tab is a special tab for interacting with the Salford Software FORTRAN95 compiler.


If you aren't using this compiler you can ignore this setting.






Fortran 95


Hooking some callback functions in FORTRAN 95 code can cause internal 'code validation' errors and early exit of your program.


A workaround lets you use a signature name in callback function names to prevent them being hooked.



In more detail...


FORTRAN 95 allows user interface components to be built using winio function calls.


These calls specify callback functions to be called when the user interface component is activated, for example when a button is pressed.


FORTRAN 95 checks the machine code at the start of the callback to ensure the callback is valid.


However, since Performance Validator modifies the machine code of your application during instrumentation, this causes FORTRAN 95 to assume the callback function has been corrupted, and FORTRAN 95 terminates with a warning dialog:




To prevent FORTRAN 95 from displaying this error, the only solution is to ensure that winio callbacks are not instrumented.


Unfortunately winio callbacks can't be identified in the application simply by inspecting the executable.


To overcome this, we ask that you use a detectable naming convention by including a specific word (e.g. CALLBACK ) in the callback function name.


Don't hook FORTRAN 95 callback functions... instructionStep check the box and enter the Signature word used to identify the winio callbacks


All FORTRAN 95 functions containing the specified word will not be hooked.


Performance Validator defaults to using the signature CALLBACK



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