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Finding allocations and reallocations

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Finding allocations and reallocations


You may wish to trace the history of a reallocated memory block.


The example program is used to examining where memory was allocated and reallocated.


This example is for the CRT, but the same techniques work for


Win32 heaps

GlobalAlloc() heaps

LocalAlloc() heaps



user defined (custom allocators) heaps.





Memory tab instructionStep Display... instructionStep ensure All Memory (leaks, errors, unleaked) is selected in the first combo box


launch nativeExample.exe instructionStep wait until attaching is complete





menu Allocations menu instructionStep C Runtime (C/C++) Heap instructionStep Reallocate memory... instructionStep shows the Test Memory dialog




Set the following to allocate a 10 bytes block and reallocate it twice, growing in size by 5 bytes each time.


Number of bytes to allocate instructionStep set to 10


Number of times to allocate instructionStep set to 2


Reallocate instructionStep check this


Reallocation increment instructionStep set to 5 instructionStep OK





Memory tab instructionStep Refresh instructionStep the display should refresh to include an item like the one below




expand the item instructionStep shows the reallocation history - an allocation and two reallocations




expand the topmost entry in the callstack instructionStep show the source code for the reallocation in CTeststakView::OnTestReallocatememory()


Note that the two reallocation locations are the same (because they are in a loop).







menu File menu instructionStep Exit