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Tag Tracking

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API functions for tracking tags


The following group of API functions help your program associate trackable data tags with your memory allocations.


The tags can then be tracked and used as filters to display events in the main display tabs.


The API functions let you:


create a tag, and get an id for it

manage a 'stack' of tags, pushing and popping a tag to change the 'current' tag.

pass a tag id when notifying Memory Validator (via the API) of allocations on a custom heap






Add a tag tracker name. Unlike mvPushTracker this does not make it the current tag tracker.


The id for the named tracker is returned and can be used with the API functions when making allocations on a custom heap


extern "C" 
DWORD mvAddTracker(const TCHAR *trackerName);





Push a tag tracker on to the tag stack, making it the 'current' tag tracker associated with allocations.


extern "C" 
int mvPushTracker(const TCHAR *trackerName);





Pop the current tag tracker from the top of the tag stack.


If any more tags are on the stack, the top one becomes current.


extern "C" 
int mvPopTracker();