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Session Manager

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Managing multiple sessions


Coverage Validator can manage multiple sessions at once.


As well as the actively running session, open sessions may include those run since Coverage Validator started, or reloaded sessions that had been saved earlier.


menu Managers menu instructionStep Session Manager... instructionStep shows the Session Chooser dialog below, highlighting the current session




Each time a session is started or loaded it is added to this list, using the name of the executable program and the date and time the session started.



Managing the sessions


Select instructionStep makes the selected entry the current session, i.e. the one for which data will be displayed


note Some tab views may update immediately, others may need a manual refresh


Set Alias... instructionStep opens the Edit Session Alias dialog so you can give the session a more useful name



Delete instructionStep removes the selected session


You can't delete a session that is actively collecting data.


Delete All instructionStep removes all the loaded sessions


If one of the session is actively collecting data, this will be disabled.


Close instructionStep closes the dialog (as opposed to closing any selected sessions!)



Merging sessions


When two different sessions are loaded they can be merged into one.


Merge... instructionStep shows the Merge Session dialog




Choose the two sessions that you want to merge.


Session to merge into instructionStep pick the final destination session for all merged data

Optionally use the resulting statistics to update the tab views (the default)

Display this session... instructionStep uncheck to not update the views


Session to be merged into the other session instructionStep pick the 'other' session


Merge instructionStep starts the merge, displaying progress as it goes


note Note that the merged session data is not saved to disk. To save it, Select the resulting merged session to make it current, and then save the session.




Comparing loaded sessions


When two different sessions are loaded they can be compared as part of a manual regression test.


Compare... instructionStep shows the Compare Session dialog for comparing coverage.




Select the two sessions to compare:


Baseline session instructionStep the session you want to compare against

Comparison session instructionStep to compare against the baseline

Compare instructionStep shows the Session Compare dialog



The results of the comparison are shown in the top half.


In the visit statistics, entries with the same value are displayed once, while values that differed in each session have both values displayed.




To view the code coverage comparison for a particular file, select that file in the list at the top.


Scrolling one source code window will scroll the other source code window.


Using the drop-down list at the top, you can show All Coverage Data, or just the Differences only.


The other options in the dialog are identical to those in the Coverage tab.



Limiting the number of sessions


You can choose to limit the maximum number of sessions open at once. Once the maximum is reached, then each time a new session is added, the oldest session may automatically be removed:


Auto purge sessions instructionStep ensures that the number of loaded sessions is limited to the maximum (below)


Maximum number of sessions instructionStep sets the maximum number of sessions allowed if auto-purge is on