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Introducing Coverage Validator

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What is Coverage Validator?


Coverage Validator is an automatic source code coverage analyzer for Windows.


Coverage Validator works with versions of Windows from 10.0 through Windows XP, on x86 and x64 processors (and compatible).


What does Coverage Validator do?


Coverage Validator can find:


which lines of your program have been executed

visit counts for each line, function, file, directory and DLL

visit percentages for each source file visited


The results are displayed in a summary dashboard and a variety of comprehensive but easily explorable hierarchical formats.


Source code editing is provided with colour coded lines so that you can see at a glance which lines were hooked or not hooked, and visited or unvisited.


The performance overhead is very low and there is no need to recompile or relink the target program.


The only requirement is PDB files with debug information and/or MAP files with line number information.


Coverage Validator can also be used for unit testing and as part of a regression testing strategy used by Quality Assurance teams.



The main sections of Coverage Validator


The user interface is split via tabs into separate report sections (+Tutorials), each presenting or analysing coverage in the target program at different levels of granularity.


Interactive image



Here's a summary of those sections, each of which is covered in full in The User Interface section.



A summary of the code coverage for the whole application.



A file by file summary of the number of lines visited, total visit count and percentage of the file that has been visited.


Branch Coverage

Statistics about branch coverage for each function containing branches.



Function lines visited, total visit count and percentage of each visited function.



Coverage information for each directory that contains source files



Coverage information for each DLL that contains source files


Files and Lines

A file by file summary of the coverage details of visited files. Expandable to show individual lines and the corresponding source code.



Lists diagnostic information collected by the stub, including lines that could not be hooked.