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Subst Drives

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The Subst Drives tab allows you to specify how Bug Validator resolves disk drive identifiers. Some software development schemes have multiple rolling builds of their software. To enable this they often use substituted disk drive naming schemes. When you then download the build to your development machine for feature development and testing it is possible that debugging information may reference disk drives that do not exist on your machine (for example the build was built on drive X: and your machine only has C:, D:, E:). The substitute option on this tab allows you to remap the substitution so that the Bug Validator looks in the correct place for the source code.





Subst Drives


To specify substitute disk drives click the Add button. An entry will be added in the scrolled list. Click on the Drive column and type in the name of the disk drive. Click on the path column and type in the path that is to be used to substitute for the drive name. For example, you may specify X:\ for the drive and e:\version2_1\release for the path.


To remove substitute drive entries, select the entry in the scrolled list and click on the Remove button.



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