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Bug Validator Help

The Floating Licence view displays information about the computers using the floating licence.


This view is only displayed if a floating licence has been purchased. Evaluation users will not see this view.





The screenshot above show two computers using the same 2 user floating licence, that has maintenance id 15838. Both computer users are licenced and can use the software.


On startup the software automatically checks to see if a floating licence is available, and acquires the licence if possible. This takes a few seconds to process, after startup of the software.


An internet connection is required for floating licences to work. The licence server is managed and run by Software Verify.



Licence information


The information show in this display allows you to identify which of your colleagues are using the software and which versions of the software are in use.



 The user id (1 to number of licensed users).


Computer Name

 The name of the computer


Computer User

 The login name of the user of the computer.



 The unique identifier for this licence, used on the licence server.



 The maintenance id for the software.


Software Tool

 The software tool and version of the software that is running on that computer.


Computer ID

 The unique id for this computer.


IP Address

 This computer's IP address.



Unlicenced users




If any additional users are trying to get a licence for the software, but there are not enough licences, they will also be shown in the display, but with red text on a yellow background.


Please note that on the machine of an unlicensed user the status information will be different.


The software checks to see if a licence has been released on a periodic basis, so that if a licence is released by another user, it can be acquired by the next waiting user.



Releasing a licence


If you have finished using a licence and wish to let a team mate use the software, you have two choices.


You can close Bug Validator, releasing the licence as it closes.


Or you can keep Bug Validator running by manually releasing the licence. Do this by clicking the Release Licence button.



Acquiring a licence


If you have released a licence you will need to actively reclaim a licence when you wish to use Bug Validator again. You can start this procedure by clicking the Acquire Licence button.