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Environment Variables

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When launching an application, you might want to pass in some environment variables to your program.


The Environment Variables dialog lets you manage name/value pairs, including importing and exporting for use between programs or sessions.



The Environment Variables dialog


The dialog initially has no entries.


The example below shows the equivalent of set QT_PLUGIN_PATH=%QTDIR%\plugins




Add... instructionStep adds a new item to the list instructionStep enter name in the first column, value in the second


Delete instructionStep deletes a selected item in the list


Delete All instructionStep clears the list


Acquire instructionStep fetches all system environment variables, adding them to the list


Import... instructionStep loads variables from a previously exported file, adding them to the list


Export... instructionStep saves all entries in the list to a file of your choice


The exported file is a simple ascii file with one entry per line of the form name=value


OK instructionStep accepts all changes


Cancel instructionStep ignores changes