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Session Export options

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Session export format - HTML or XML





Export the session data as an HTML or XML file when Bug Validator has finished collecting data from the target program.


If you merge the current session with another session, the exported HTML will be for the merged session.


If you disable merging with the current session the export will be for the unmerged session.




-exportAsHTML c:\results\html\testMacro1.html

-exportAsXML "c:\test results\xml\testMacro1.html"



Session export encoding - HTML or XML


These options allow you to export the session data as UTF-16, UTF8 or ASCII. UTF-16 and UTF-8 will add a byte order mark (BOM) to the start of the exported file.




The exported HTML will be exported with the appropriate format.


 -exportAsHTML_BOM        ASCII

 -exportAsHTML_BOM        UTF8

 -exportAsHTML_BOM        UTF16




The exported XML will be exported with the appropriate format.


 -exportAsXML_BOM        ASCII

 -exportAsXML_BOM        UTF8

 -exportAsXML_BOM        UTF16