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.Net Coverage Validator Tutorial

This document is intended to augment the information in the .Net Coverage Validator Help file. If you have not read the help file we encourage you to do so. .Net Coverage Validator is a powerful and complex product, reading the help manual will help you use .Net Coverage Validator more efficiently.

The example application is a C# application. However all the concepts and all dialogs and controls shown in the tutorial apply equally well to VB.Net, J#, F#, C++.Net and any other language running on the .Net CLR.

Example Application

The example application is form1.cs in the dncvExample folder in the installation folder.

The following tutorials are available. More tutorials will be made available in response to customer feedback.

The tutorials use the included example program dncvExample. The source code and project files for this application are in the dncvExample directory in the installation directory for .Net Coverage Validator.


If you would like a tutorial on how to use .Net Coverage Validator to perform a given task, we will be happy to provide a tutorial, just let us know what topics you need the tutorial to cover. Send your suggestions to support@softwareverify.com.