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Software Tool Suites for .Net, C#, ASP.Net, WPF

The .Net Developer Suite provides three complementary tools for performing code coverage, memory leak detection and memory usage analysis and code profiling for .Net applications, .Net services, ASP.Net and WPF applications.

.Net Developer Suite

.Net Developer Suite includes software tools for the following tasks:

.Net Coverage Validator Code coverage for .Net applications.
.Net Memory Validator Memory leak detection and analysis for .Net applications.
.Net Performance Validator Performance profiling for .Net applications.

These three software tools comprise the .Net Developer Suite, allowing you to analyse many aspects of your .Net application, .Net service or ASP.Net webservice.

The cost saving of purchasing these tools as a suite compared to purchasing these tools separately is $222 per user. There are additional savings when purchasing 5 user or 10 user license packs.

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None of these software tools require you to recompile or relink your software. For access to advanced additional features in some of the tools you may need to relink your software.

The following table displays the contents of each suite type and single user pricing.

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.Net Developer Suite