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Command Line Examples

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This section provides some example command lines. For each example we'll break it down, argument by argument so that you can see how the command line works.


In all these examples the executable to run is vmValidator.exe. You will need to provide the full path to vmValidator.exe, or add the path to vmValidator install directory to your $PATH.


32 bit application monitoring: vmValidator.exe

64 bit application monitoring: vmValidator_x64.exe



Example 1


vmValidator.exe /exe e:\om\c\test\release\test.exe /dir e:\om\c\test\release /args "-add 3 4"


 /program e:\om\c\test\release\test.exe


 Start application e:\om\c\test\release\test.exe


 /dir e:\om\c\test\release


 Start the application in e:\om\c\test\release


 /args "-add 3 4"


 Pass the arguments -add 3 4 to the application being launched



Example 2


vmValidator.exe /process 1344


 /process 1344


 Attach to process 1344 and monitor that process.



Example 3


Launching VM Validator from your own code to monitor a process you've just started. The arguments are the same as for Example 2.


int attachVMValidatorToRunningProcess(DWORD         processId,          // process id to monitor
                                      const TCHAR   *dir)               // startup dir, can be NULL
   CString      vmValidator;
   int          bRet;
   vmValidator = getVMValidatorPath(dir);
   if (GetFileAttributes(vmValidator) != INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES)
      // only try to launch if exception tracer is a valid filename
      TCHAR               commandLine[1000];
      STARTUPINFO         stStartInfo;
      PROCESS_INFORMATION stProcessInfo;
      memset(&stStartInfo, 0, sizeof(STARTUPINFO));
      memset(&stProcessInfo, 0, sizeof(PROCESS_INFORMATION));
      stStartInfo.cb = sizeof(STARTUPINFO);
      _stprintf_s(commandLine, sizeof(commandLine) / sizeof(commandLine[0]), _T("%s /process %u"), (const TCHAR *)vmValidator, processId);
      bRet = CreateProcess(NULL,
      if (bRet)
         WaitForInputIdle(stProcessInfo.hProcess, 10 * 1000);   // 10 seconds
      bRet = FALSE;
   return bRet;


Example 4


vmValidator.exe /session e:\crashes\2022_10_05\osc1.vvm


 /session e:\crashes\2022_10_05\osc1.vvm


 Load session file e:\crashes\2022_10_05\osc1.vvm


Example 5


vmValidator.exe /minidump e:\crashes\2022_10_05\crash34.dmp


 /minidump e:\crashes\2022_10_05\crash34.dmp


 Load minidump e:\crashes\2022_10_05\crash34.dmp