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Visual Studio Project Fixer Help

The Data Protection settings allow you to configure how Visual Studio Project Fixer protects existing projects and data in modified projects.





Save Modified Projects

Visual Studio Project Fixer will confirm the saving of any modified projects. If you wish to save projects without confirmation disable the Confirm saving of modified projects checkbox.


Project Backups

Visual Studio Project Fixer will make a backup of a modified project. If you wish not to create backup projects disable the Make backups of projects before saving modified project checkbox.


Project backups have the same name as the original project with an additional date tag.


For example tabserv.vcxproj would become tabserv.vcxproj-207-01-19-13-03-58


Moved Projects

Visual Studio Project Fixer will not modify any projects that have been moved.


Visual Studio Project Fixer detects projects that have been moved by looking for source files that are listed in the project but which don't exist. We use this criteria because if source files don't exist the project can't compile, whereas header files and resource files that don't exist will not necessarily cause a project to fail to compile. Because it doesn't make sense to use Visual Studio Project Fixer on a project that can't compile we assume that the project is no longer in use and has been moved.


To allow Visual Studio Project Fixer to work with moved projects disable the Do not modify moved projects checkbox.


Visual Studio Project Cleaner

After fixing a project (or many projects) a message is displayed warning that some projects may need to be cleaned with Visual Studio Project Cleaner if they continue to display the "This project is out of date" warning.


You can prevent this message from being displayed by disabling the Show Visual Studio Project Cleaner message after fixing a project checkbox.




The Reset button will cause the settings on all parts of the settings dialog to be reset.