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Visual Studio Project Cleaner Help

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The settings dialog allows you to edit the types of file that will be cleaned by Visual Studio Project Cleaner.





Visual Studio


Select the types of file you wish to clean.


The default selection is the complete set of file types for Visual Studio 6, plus the addition of .tlog files for more modern versions of Visual Studio.


These files are either temporary files that are not automatically cleaned or they are files that will be automatically regenerated by Visual Studio if they are deleted.


aps                Last resource editor state


bak                Backup file


bsc                Source code browser database.


exp                Exports file


idb                Incremental database file, used for minimum rebuild linking


ilk                Incremental linker file


ipch                Incremental precompiled header


lastbuildstate        Build helper


plg                Build progress log


log                Build log


ncb                Intellisense database


obj                Object file produced by compiler


opt                Visual Studio 6 options


pch                Precompiled header file


res                Compiled resource file


sbr                Source Browser Information


sdf                Intellisense Database


suo                User Options


tlog                File dependency information


lnt                Visual Lint



Reset All - Resets all global settings, not just those on the current page.


Reset - Resets the settings on this page